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Hornby Electrical Accessories

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(image for) Plug & Play Hornby Point Harness

Plug & Play Hornby Point Harness

Eze-Wire Hornby Point Motor Harness
(image for) R044 Lever switch, 'passing contact'

R044 Lever switch, 'passing contact'

Supllies the brief pulse of current that a point motor requires. Supplied with connecting wires.
(image for) R046 Lever Switch 'on-on'

R046 Lever Switch 'on-on'

Designed to divert power from one circuit to another - e.g. with R406 coloured light signals, to switch from red to green and back again. It may also...
(image for) R047 Lever Switch 'on-off'

R047 Lever Switch 'on-off'

Conventional on/off switch for R618, double-isolating track. Supplied with connecting wires.
(image for) R8014 Point Motor Mk. 2

R8014 Point Motor Mk. 2

Powerful solenoid point motor for new model hornby points that have a sliding bar mechanism. May be mounted above or below the baseboard (requires...
(image for) R8015 Point motor housing

R8015 Point motor housing

Provides a base to mount Point Motor R8014 above the baseboard, with a model trackside hut to conceal it. Comes with variable extension arm that...
(image for) R8201 Link Wire

R8201 Link Wire

(image for) R8243 Surface point motor

R8243 Surface point motor

Point motor for mounting above baseboard
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