Trackside Kits

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(image for) 500 GWR Signal Box

500 GWR Signal Box

Modelled upon the preserved signal box at Highley on the Severn Valley Railway, ths style of box represents those installed in the late 19th and...
(image for) 502 Cattle Dock

502 Cattle Dock

Livestock was conveyed on BR until 1973, so a few cattle docks are still in place, although in a state of disrepair making them interesting features...
(image for) 503 Platform/Ground Level Signal Box

503 Platform/Ground Level Signal Box

The kit is designed to be of general use as platform or ground level box. Includes fire buckets and lamp. Area 65 x 50mm.
(image for) 504 Station Building

504 Station Building

This model is of the stone GWR station at Castle Cary in Somerset that is still in use. Although typical of Great Western architecture. It can be...
(image for) 505 Coaling Stage

505 Coaling Stage

(image for) 507 Grounded Van Body

507 Grounded Van Body

Very often, a goods yard would have several of these old vans, without chassis, for storage. They also found their way into peoples gardens as sheds...
(image for) 508 Pump House/Boiler House

508 Pump House/Boiler House

This building is a good way to fill an awkward corner on your layout. It might contain a boiler to provide steam for mechanisms in a factory or a...
(image for) 509 Occupation Crossing

509 Occupation Crossing

Used where a railway crosses a landowners road or track. These simple hand operated gates are closed to road traffic after use, unlike public level...
(image for) 511 Wooden Lineside Huts

511 Wooden Lineside Huts

Provide your railway men with huts to use for shelter and tool storage. Often used by platelayers or as lamp huts. Each hut; 42 x 32mm.
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