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(image for) A1375 Austin K2/Y Ambulance

A1375 Austin K2/Y Ambulance

An extremely popular vehicle with British, Commonwealth and American troops, the Austin K2/Y was viewed as something as an angel on the troops...
(image for) A1377 Stug IV Sd.Kfz.167

A1377 Stug IV Sd.Kfz.167

The Sd.Kfz. 167 Sturmgeschutz IV was a development from an incredibly successful series of armoured mobile assault guns. They were arguably Germany's...
(image for) A1378 Panzer III AUSF J

A1378 Panzer III AUSF J

The Panzer III Ausf (model) J was a later production development of this famous tank and one which represented quite an advancement over earlier...
(image for) A1379 Ferret Scout Car Mk.2

A1379 Ferret Scout Car Mk.2

Product Info After a successful series of light armoured reconnaissance and liaison vehicles, the Ferret Scout Car saw widespread British and...
(image for) A1380 WWII British Army 30-cwt 4x2 GS Truck

A1380 WWII British Army 30-cwt 4x2 GS Truck

As Britain prepared for war in the late 1930s, the military weren't just desperately in need of vast numbers of aircraft, tanks and guns, they also...
(image for) M36B1 GMC Tank Destroyer

M36B1 GMC Tank Destroyer

Airfix 1/35 American M36B1 (Slugger) GMC Tank Destroyer
(image for) M4A3(76)W Sherman

M4A3(76)W Sherman

Airfix 1/35 American M4A3 Sherman with 76mm gun
(image for) T34-85 112 Factory Production

T34-85 112 Factory Production

Airfix 1/35 Soviet T-34-85 112 Factory Production
(image for) Tiger 1 'Early Version'

Tiger 1 'Early Version'

Airfix 1/35 German Tiger 1 Heavy Tank (Early Production Version) Operation Citadel
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