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(image for) Bismarck


Tamiya 1/350 German Battleship Bismarck German WWII Battleship Bismarck, famous for the Battle of the Denmark Straight where she engaged the British...
(image for) HMS King George V

HMS King George V

This kit depicts the HMS King George V, the lead ship of her namesake class of battleships which served the Royal Navy during WWII. Her flat-sided...
(image for) Japanese Aircraft Carrying Cruiser Mogami

Japanese Aircraft Carrying Cruiser Mogami

Tamiya 1/350 Japanese Heavy Cruiser/Aircraft Carrying Cruiser Mogami In the latter half of the Pacific War, the Japanese Navy refitted the Mogami to...
(image for) Japanese Battleship Yamato (premium)

Japanese Battleship Yamato (premium)

20 Sets of Molds, More Than 1,500 Parts Based on the latest historical research, this famous WWII battleship has been reproduced down to the finest...
(image for) Japanese Heavy Cruiser Tone

Japanese Heavy Cruiser Tone

Tamiya 1/350 Japanese Heavy Cruiser Tone During WWII, the Imperial Japanese Navy decided to refit the Tone-class as heavy cruisers and the...
(image for) Japanese Navy Destroyer Kagero

Japanese Navy Destroyer Kagero

The Kagero was completed in November 1939, the lead ship of the Kagero class of destroyers that was the first constructed by the Japanese after their...
(image for) Tirpitz


Tamiya 1/350 German Battleship Tirpitz Battleship Tirpitz was the sister ship to the Bismarck. Tirpitz was a perpetual worry for the Royal Navy since...
(image for) USS New Jersey BB-62 (1982)

USS New Jersey BB-62 (1982)

Tamiya 1/350 United States Battleship USS New Jersey The Big J Circa 1982 The 45,000-ton Iowa-class was the the largest and last battleships built by...
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