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(image for) Kawasaki Ki-61-1d Hien (Tony)

Kawasaki Ki-61-1d Hien (Tony)

The Hien was officially adopted by the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) in 1943, and stood out among its Japanese aircraft contemporaries in the Pacific...
(image for) Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero Fighter (Zeke)

Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero Fighter (Zeke)

From the early days of the Second Sino-Japanese War to the end of hostilities in the Pacific, the Mitsubishi Zero served as the Imperial Japanese...
(image for) Mitsubishi A6M3/3a Zero Fighter Model 22 (Zeke)

Mitsubishi A6M3/3a Zero Fighter Model 22 (Zeke)

The A6M3/3a Zero fighter (Model 22) was designed to correct some of the shortcomings of its A6M3 (Model 32) predecessor, which included reduced...
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