Team Yankee Soviet

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(image for) TSBX06 SA-13 Gopher SAM Platoon

TSBX06 SA-13 Gopher SAM Platoon

Includes two resin and metal SA-13 Gopher self-propelled missile systems. The SA-13 Gopher, called Strela-10 (Arrow‑10) by its Russian crews, is a...
(image for) TSBX11 Spandrel At Platoon

TSBX11 Spandrel At Platoon

Includes three resin Spandrel Anti-tank vehicles and two Unit cards. The 9P148 Konkurs (Contest, or Spandrel as its missile is designated by NATO) is...
(image for) TSBX12 SA-9 Gaskin SAM Platoon

TSBX12 SA-9 Gaskin SAM Platoon

includes four Resin SA-9 Gaskin Anti-aircraft vehicles, one Decal sheet and two Unit cards. The SA-9 Gaskin (its NATO designation), called Strela-1M...
(image for) TSBX15 Storm Anti-Tank Platoon

TSBX15 Storm Anti-Tank Platoon

Includes three resin and metal Storm Anti-tank vehicles and one Unit Card. The Storm mounts the powerful long-range AT-6 Spiral anti-tank missile on...
(image for) TSU726 Afgantsy Weapons Team

TSU726 Afgantsy Weapons Team

Includes three AGS-17 grenade launcher teams, three AT-4 Spigot missile teams and six large six-hole plastic bases.
(image for) TSUAB01 Potecknov's Bears

TSUAB01 Potecknov's Bears

Contains nine plastic T-72 Tanks, two plastic Mi-24 Hind Attack Helicopters, two plastic tank commander sprues, two decal sheets, six unit cards and...
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