Fate of a Nation

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(image for) AAC01 Dassault Ouragan

AAC01 Dassault Ouragan

Package Contents: -1 x Dassault Ouragan -1 x Aircraft die -2 x rare-earth magnets -1 x decal sheets -1 x tall plastic flight stand Aircraft is 1/144...
(image for) AAR731 Kateybat Moshaa HQ

AAR731 Kateybat Moshaa HQ

Package Contents: - 1 x Company Command AK47 Assault Rifle Team - 1 x 2iC Command AK47 Assault Rifle Team - 3 x Optional DShK AA MGs with Crew - 2 x...
(image for) AAR733 Moshaa Anti-tank Group

AAR733 Moshaa Anti-tank Group

Package Contents: -2 x 100mm BS-3 guns with crew -1 x 57mm ZIS-2 gun with crew -2 x B-10 82mm Recoilless guns with crew -3 x resin Gun Pit terrain...
(image for) AAR736 Heavy Mortar Company

AAR736 Heavy Mortar Company

6x 120mm mortar
(image for) AARBX04


Includes two ZSU-57-2 Self-propelled Anti-aircraft guns, one Arab head sprue suitable for Fate Of A Nation, one North Vietnamese head sprue suitable...
(image for) AIS141 M50 (155mm) SP

AIS141 M50 (155mm) SP

155mm Self propelled artillery
(image for) AIS161 M3 TCM-20

AIS161 M3 TCM-20

includes one M3 TCM-20 half-track, one Plastic half-track components sprue, one Driver figure & one Optional hull-mounted MG.
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