Flames of War WW2 Soviet

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(image for) SU016 T-70 obr 1942

SU016 T-70 obr 1942

By early 1942 it was becoming apparent that the T-60 light tank was too lightly armoured and that its armament insufficient enough to cope with the...
(image for) SU061 Up-armoured T-34 obr 1941

SU061 Up-armoured T-34 obr 1941

You can get Up-armoured T-34s as part of any of your Mixed Tankovy Batalon Medium Tankovy Companies. Just use the rules from a T-34 obr 1941 and use...
(image for) SU576 122mm obr 1938 Howitzer (x2)

SU576 122mm obr 1938 Howitzer (x2)

A new 122mm howitzer was designed by the OKB under the head of F. F. Petrov shortly before World War II to replace the obsolescent World War I...
(image for) SU670 Soviet Stowage

SU670 Soviet Stowage

Tank stowage parts Tankovy Company
(image for) SU701 Company HQ Rifle and Motor Company HQ.

SU701 Company HQ Rifle and Motor Company HQ.

With HMG and 3 lt.mortars Motostrelkovy and Streikovy Batalon
(image for) SU704 Machine-gun Company

SU704 Machine-gun Company

Pack Contents You will find the full devastating power of a full strength Soviet Machine-gun Company inside your pack, 9 HMG teams and a Command...
(image for) SU960 Bed Spring Armour (Plastic)

SU960 Bed Spring Armour (Plastic)

Includes four plastic sprues of bedspring improvised armour, two with square pattern and two with diamond pattern. In 1945 the Soviets began to fit...
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