Flames of War WW2 British

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(image for) BBX09 Royal Artillery Battery

BBX09 Royal Artillery Battery

With this new 25pdr Battery you get: 4 Guns and Limbers 2 Command teams 1 Observer team 1 Staff team 4 Gun team crews (20 miniatures) 3 Small bases 1...
(image for) BBX36 Bofors Light AA Troop

BBX36 Bofors Light AA Troop

Includes three metal Bofors anti-aircraft guns, three large six-hole bases, one base plug sprue and one Unit card.
(image for) BBX40 Hurricane Tank-Busting Flight

BBX40 Hurricane Tank-Busting Flight

Includes two resin and metal Hurricane aircraft, two plastic flight stands, one decal sheet and one Unit card. Based on the Royal Air Force's most...
(image for) BR120 Sherman V

BR120 Sherman V

Armoured Platoon
(image for) BR201 M5 half-track

BR201 M5 half-track

International Harvester Company M5 and M5A1 half-track The M5 was created out of a need to produce more M3 half-tracks. White, Autocar, and Diamond T...
(image for) BR573 25 pdr. Gun

BR573 25 pdr. Gun

The 25pdr was a quick to put into action and devastating to anyone on the receiving end! Used on all battefields by the British during and after WW2....
(image for) BRAB10 British Armoured Battlegroup

BRAB10 British Armoured Battlegroup

includes five plastic Cromwell tanks, two plastic Firefly tanks, two plastic M10 tanks, four plastic 25pdr guns, one Observer Rifle team, one plastic...
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